Warranty and Return policy

All batteries include a 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty only if the battery pack is installed by NexPower certified installer, 1 year for individual customer, the warranty is against any manufacture defects from the date of purchase, unlimited miles.

• Warranty is a guarantee against manufacturer defects. (Does not cover user error, installation negligence, or operating negligence.)
• Any warranty claim require proof of evidence, this includes but not limit to pictures of the copper busbar, battery ECU connector pins and all the cable joints at the battery module.
• Corrosion at battery ECU causing battery imbalance will cause error code(s) and will not be covered by warranty. Repair service available.

• Ignoring error codes / warning lights for more than a short drive to make it home safely, will void your warranty.
• Jump starting, short circuiting, purposeful negligence, failed installation attempt and other abuse(s) will void warranty.
• Nexpower Energy will not provide warranty for mixing old and new sodium-ion blades.
• Nexpower Energy, Inc. warranties are NOT transferable, no exception.
• All shipping of return items and replacement items are the customer’s responsibility unless deemed a manufacturer's defect.
• All warranty batteries must be returned to and received by Nexpower Energy, Inc. within the warranty period.
• Any batteries damaged in the act of delivery back to Nexpower Energy, Inc. will not be covered. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the item sufficiently to ensure that it will not be damaged during the shipping process and covered with shipping insurance. We recommend keeping the original boxes and packaging or request a replacement box from our shipping department in the event of a return. At that time Nexpower Energy, Inc. reserves the right to charge up to full MSRP for the item warranted.
• Each item is only eligible for one free replacement pending reason. After that, a prorated price may be decided upon on a customer to customer basis depending on the situation. At times only a repeat customer discount may be offered.
• Once a customer’s product has been warranted the replacement item only holds the warranty until the expiration from the original item purchase date. The warranty does not start over on the replacement item.

Nexpower Energy, Inc.
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Items that remain new and unused only may be returned within 10 days from the date of delivery for a refund. Returns will only be accepted from direct buyers from Nexpower Energy, Inc. Nexpower Energy, Inc. Resellers reserve the right to accept or deny product within their company’s policies. Items must be returned and received by Nexpower Energy, Inc. by the 10th day from the date of delivery of merchandise originally purcahsed from Nexpower Energy Inc. Once the item has been returned, the current selling price or original purchase price (whichever is lowest) of the item will be credited to the purchaser. Please allow 3-5 days processing time. The total refund will be less shipping and handling and will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Per manager's discretion. Only under special circumstances under buyer and Nexpower Energy documented discussion, returns may be accepted past 10 days but not greater than 30 days and can only be eligible for store credit. Minus any applicable restocking fee. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.