Salty Hybrid

Fall In Love With Your Hybrid All Over Again

The Most Advanced Sodium-ion Hybrid Battery Upgrade Is Now Here

6 Benefits of Sodium-ion Power

Cost-Effective Replacement

NexPower's sodium-ion upgrade modules offer a more cost-effective solution than replacing the OEM battery. By only swapping out the modules, you utilize the battery case that your vehicle came with. And no need to worry about core charges and wondering when you'll be reimbursed!

Enhanced Power and Improved Fuel Economy

NexPower's sodium-ion V3 GT battery modules deliver an average peak power of 300Amps, compared to the 150Amps peak power from the standard NiMH battery giving you more instant power right out of the box.

Improved Fuel Economy

NexPower's sodium-ion battery modules maintain optimal voltage to encourage the vehicle's computer to favor electric power, resulting in enhanced fuel economy.

Weight Advantage

The typical hybrid NiMH battery weighs roughly 80 lbs. NexPower's sodium-ion pack, on average, weighs closer to half of your OEM pack, presenting a significantly lighter alternative.

Highest Level of Safety

Rigorously tested in extreme conditions worldwide ensures safety and reliability. For detailed test and installation videos, search for "Dr. Prius test" on YouTube.

Toxic Free Solution

NexPower sodium-ion battery upgrade modules are an environmentally conscious, toxic-free alternative to your OEM battery. Therefore eliminating the emission of hazardous chemicals like KOH. No spilling or harmful vapors, skin irritation or other issues that are present with NiMH batteries.

You'll Love The Power NexPower Brings Back To Your Hybrid!

Now Available For These Manufactures:

Toyota - Lexus - Nissan - GM

“Wanted to let you know the Nexcell battery worked like a charm. My Prius is better than I've ever experienced. It seems like I can't drain it to 0%, even if I tried. -

Dave M., Dallas, TX

Finally got to California and tested pack over Siskiyou pass... It's a totally different car at the highest elevation of I-5 when it's down at 2-3 bars. Still lots of power! So much different than a worn out NiMH that runs out of power and the engine needs the accelerator nearly floored with no speed or power to keep going. I was so impressed my first thought is you should brand it as such. Call it the "Hill Climber Lithium Power for Prius" Rush hour in Portland in EV mode was almost as awesomely impressive as well - YouTube

Deane Olympia, Seattle, WA

First time hitting 3 miles on pure EV mode, incredible, car drives like new and accelerate faster then new. Thank you Dr. Prius

Larry Chen, Temple City, CA